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tanz der lemons

by ieatpants

what's the world gonna say when you're gone? what is the world gonna remember you for when you are dead and gone? you don't have much time, anyway.
the situation at home was very, very sad he thought, "did i do that?" when his mom left his dad always at the winslow's it was as far as he could run carl saw the sadness in his eyes laura knew how much he cried oh urkel what can we do? would you feel better if laura slept with you? drowning in loneliness you know it's the family, that matters his outward abilities belied his inner child the situation at home was very, very, very sad he thought, "did i do that?" when his mom left his dad oh urkel what can we do? would you feel better if laura slept with you?
you do what you like and when you die you know you'll have died doing what you like
and i ran away from the city everyday into the country i can hide in the forest i can't get lost though there's a highway or a high-powered-tension line i'm feeling very fuzzy, indeed my eyes are never open my tongue is crumblin like my browser, i'm stumbling an apple a day toasty crunchy nutty but not buttery tea to let me know that i'm not lost this time there's always high power tension lines and there's a highway and it's just my luck to get just what i want it's just my luck to get what i want and i ran away from the city into the crunch-ree i get to stare out the window oh i get to zone out indoors out of the rain oh my wet socks from the walk i can't stand the fucking rain when will the sun come back again? i'll do what i want i'm gonna come alive again i don't need to eat anymore these jokes and my brain is filled with these tiny rocks these pebbles these fruit loops whatever you got
centerpiece 03:08
these are my final days it's too much to talk about there's a society growing in my blood it's a secret, as secret as it gets for a club they build their lives but they don't know that they're killing their host days they all just seem the same to me sometimes i guess i feel a little dizzy i've always felt a need to do things but recently i just can't feel busy thinking about it doesn't help these days still seem to melt away what is time when you don't know how much of it is left for you? there's a question on my mind will i know when i've died? what is time like when it ceases to exist? who will finish this song when i'm gone? these are my final days it's too much to talk about my blood it poisons me it doesn't know that it's killing its host
in a darker day in a darker age the forests wiped out you're not a hero our trees are all gone this is a dark day the morning is hard the day only gets harder whatever happened to you paul bunyan? great lakes of whiskey there's dirt in the flapjacks american myth american hero in the middle of the night i can hear it raining in the middle of the night i can hear paul crying the morning is hard the day only gets harder whatever happened to you paul bunyan sun burnt leather flesh beard caked in mud and spit what happened to your spirit? what night did you fall into? in the heart of every lumberjack the question, where are you paul bunyan? the morning is hard the day only gets harder whatever happened to you paul bunyan
michael j. fox i was watching the tv a little earlier today it was teen wolf with michael j. fox well everybody loves michael j. fox everybody that is, except for rush limbaugh oh rush why you are such a thorn in michael j. fox's side? that's not nice? making fun of sick people ain't cool rush even though your name's rush you're not cool rush like rush is and as a matter of fact i heard that you do some sort of drugs that your base doesn't approve of that's right i heard you abuse painkillers now that's just not cool you shouldn't make fun of michael j. fox cause he was in teen wolf and back to the future, one, two and, three michael j. fox wewal, makle, mankle my ankle(??) that ponytail makes you look stupid rush i'm gonna cut it off and i'm gonna keep cutting til i cut through your neck and then i cut through your family's neck too cause i like michael j. fox and i don't like you i don't know why you did that to him that's not very nice, he's got a deadly disease and you just got some other deadly disease it's called lameness and you're going to die of it because you're not cool rush you know is though? let me tell you michael j. fox. he's cool man oh.
there's a fancy blogger by the name of shitface i wanna punch him in the face but i don't think he has a face he's on the internet or the world wide web i don't know what to do and he pisses me off every day oh every day but i take a walk outside the sun's shining and there's no rain in the sky i can't tell you how happy it makes me feel to be outside to know that i am real mr fancypants blogger you're not real you're nothing to me i'm gonna track you down gonna fucking cut your nuts off well, maybe i wouldn't do anything like that cause it sounds kind of mean but man, you're so mean ugh, the internet is so disruptive god, it just gets into my brain sometime it's all these people and all they want to do is complain they all have something to say it's stupid it's so fucking stupid and i walk outside i see the sun in the sky no clouds to bring me down i'm gonna stay out here forever never going on the internet again never going on the world wide web again never going never again
time is stupid it goes forward people fall off the earth time takes people once they leave they don't come back this earth is going to go away someday it's hard to imagine to us time seems infinite but it's not it's only a small percentage of time that we've been alive it's sad one day the sun will grow to the size of a massive star and engulf our planet we'll die all of us me and you will be dead


the first full ieatpants album. includes hit songs about rush limbaugh, urkel, paul bunyan, and internet bullies


released March 4, 2008

brandon eugene miller: guitar, voice, computer drums/synths




ieatpants Bristol, UK

trying some new things. mostly music and songs and lyrics and occasionally a bleep or bloop.

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