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i miss the world

by ieatpants

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i'm stuck at home all alone doing nothing cause that's all i'm allowed to do it's a crime that my mind is irrepressible everlasting uncontrollable thoughts make me uncomfortable
some people are invisible unnoticed by life it's the saddest thing that i can imagine but it's reality and it is breaking me aimlessly flickering through days drifting thoughtlessly away waiting, longing for decay disintegrating invisible and afraid sometimes people are vulnerable they're willing to try to struggle to connect to make that brave attempt it's the only thing that gives me peace
we have changed


it’s nice to release something new and i’m really pleased to release these songs. the instrumental title track, “i miss the world” started out life as a song with words, but sometimes how a piece moves without words is more impressive, so here we are.
“stuck at home” is embarrassingly, an ode to lockdown. i saw a lot of artists releasing “quarantine” albums when things got bad in march 2020 and i feel like it’s a cheap trick, but the first lines were written so long ago that they predate the quarantine. there have always been threads of isolation, loneliness, and abandonment running through many of my songs. singing those words now i can’t help it if it reminds me of the horrible place we find ourselves in at this moment.
“some people are invisible” is the newest song on the EP. written this past spring. this one flowed out of me really quickly and that’s my favourite kind of song. the production and instrumentation is a bit overwrought, but hey, why not? maybe in the future, a more stripped down and simple version will be recorded but for now i'm having fun with like computers and stuff?
“we have changed” is the oldest song here and i’m not sure why i’ve never recorded it fully before. i love the idea of building and building and building and i hope this one accomplishes something with all of its noises.

thanks for listening


released August 15, 2020




ieatpants Bristol, UK

trying some new things. mostly music and songs and lyrics and occasionally a bleep or bloop.

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