i miss the world

by ieatpants

i'm stuck at home all alone doing nothing cause that's all i'm allowed to do it's a crime that my mind is irrepressible everlasting uncontrollable thoughts make me uncomfortable
some people are invisible unnoticed by life it's the saddest thing that i can imagine but it's reality and it is breaking me aimlessly flickering through days drifting thoughtlessly away waiting, longing for decay disintegrating invisible and afraid sometimes people are vulnerable they're willing to try to struggle to connect to make that brave attempt it's the only thing that gives me peace
we have changed


this EP was made as part of the 100 Days of Songwriting group. twice a year they do the 100 days challenge, where you work on music in some capacity every day for a hundred days.
in between the challenges, in august, they also do an EP challenge, where you record and release an EP during the first half of that month. you can use songs you've written before, but recording and mixing and mastering and releasing is to be done in august.
so, like, here's an EP. four tracks.
read more here: ieatpants.home.blog/2020/08/15/i-miss-the-world-ep/


released August 15, 2020




ieatpants Bristol, UK

trying some new things. mostly music and songs and lyrics and occasionally a bleep or bloop.

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