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i went to my grandma's house and she baked me up some cookkies
they were chocolatey and chewy and buttery and delicious
i didn't know her secret until
i looked inside her cabinet and saw
fifteen pounds of weed
and then it hit me

i was suddenly high

radiohead's my favorite band
i went to see them in san fran
and they played lurghee
and how to disappear completely
i was really into it
i mean, really really into it
i closed my eyes and coughed
and then it hit me

i was suddenly high

i don't usually act this dumb
i don't usually have this much fun
now i'm blitzed out of my mind
i could really go for a pork rind
we're talking about the size of the galaxy
and maybe we could turn down gravity
i would jump into the sky
and then i could sing

i was suddenly high





ieatpants Bristol, UK

trying some new things. mostly music and songs and lyrics and occasionally a bleep or bloop.

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